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A random day to start something new, but it works.

I've decided that, starting today, and here's hoping it isn't just today, I will be doing a blog post every week. Just to get my mind onto paper... or in this case, a screen. So much has been running around in there lately. My future, my life in general, friends, frustrations, and the works. I'm thinking it'll be a smart idea to now get these out here in the open so that I can stop making myself sick from holding it all in.

Now to start:

I have nothing. Lol. The most I can say is that I finished reading Steven Tyler's "Does the Noise Inside my Head Bother You?" and the only thing I really got from it is that he's a drug addict and that it's hard to get away from. I do agree with this. Granted I've never done drugs, but I am a food addict and addiction is not easy to kill. I want to lose weight and whatnot, but I can't stop eating. And I don't want to eat the healthy food. No. I want bread and cheese and meat.

I've also been feeling like crap lately. Now i'm sure the weather, and it's bipolar ways, hasn't helped with this. But I think I've finally developed allergies. I can't sleep at night. My body aches like never before. My foot is swollen. My acne just keeps flairing up. I'm sweating like crazy. I'm beyond tired. I have no motivation. And i'm more irritiable than usual. Things that didn't used to bother me do. I just.... I need a break from everything and I can't get it.

So I'm going to start this. I need to change my life around and move with it. I've been sitting around for far too long.

Let's see where I can go.