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Life (part 1 of .....)

Today is day four of a seven day vacation. My first day was preparing myself to come house sit at my parents. I am housesitting until Sunday night. That means four nights of no sleep. There's really nothing much for me to do since I'm hear to housesit, not hang out with people. So I've been on Facebook and Youtube. I'm trying to keep up to date with friends who aren't on and drama's that I should have watched a long time ago.

It was while I was on Facebook that I came across a post that really hit me in the heart.

"One day, you'll wake up and there won't be any more time for you to do the things you've always wanted."

There's so many things I want to do.


Meet a band.

Watch dramas.

Learn Japanese and Korean fluently.

Get married.

Make babies.

Take a walk.

Go to the beach.


Eat healthy.

Lose weight.

Speak to Kim Sunggyu and Nishikido Ryo.

But right now, what I need to do the most is, figure out where I'm going in life.

Right now I'm living with two other people. Two people who are in love and happy. The female tends to hang out with people a lot and she has trouble telling people no. The other really doesn't like to be around people. He and I are kindred spirits. Day off = Computer. I want to exercise, but at the same time I don't. I want to eat healthy, but I love carbs too much. I want to get my finances in order but I just want to buy things I want. I'm about to finally finish paying off one debt only to have to start working on another. My life was about to be set...and then I just went and screwed it up.

And right now? I hate that I'm here at my parents. I wish my vacation could have been spent at MY place with MY cat doing the same thing I'm doing now, but in MY bed.

My mind is a jumbled mess right now but I had to get that out there. I needed to vent. So right now.... that's it.


Today I may have found out some good news. My store manager my be leaving...possibly. I know, why is that good news? Cause to be honest the place just isn't what it used to be and I feel like she's not really what my store needs.

Also, one of my best friends grandma is in the hospital again, so please, keep her in your prayers ;___;

My Amber visited me today so I was very happy to see her :D

She comes back to work Saturday and I can't wait to see her (again!).

Felt good to switch contact information with my two department managers. I really do love my current crew of people.

Saw my Angel.

Got to zone the acrylic paints. Jeana thought I wouldn't like to do that, but on the contrary, I love zoning them XD So I'm happy. They look so good right now. Usually what people dislike about the store, I like. Jasco boxes, bulldog boxes, zoning acrylics, zoning bulldogs, zoning bath towels and rugs, working picks and stocking freight, mods....I love it XD My Z knows me so well so she's always happy to push these projects on me, lol.

Today is the last day for binge eating and soda. I know I was going cold turkey on the soda and I started back up again >>;; I really need to stop. So today is it. From here on I will work extra hard on my diet. As of tomorrow, that's it.

Other than that, today was pretty lame. So that's it.

Goodnight :D


I smartly wore my ankle braces today knowing it was my first day of six at work.

Today was so boring and quiet though.

Zoned and returns pretty much all day.

I only have one complaint of the day. I had a customer that needed some help but when i asked management to come out and help, no one wanted to. They only spoke to me over the walkie. I kept saying it would be easier for them to come out and see what the customer was asking, but they kept ignoring me. It really got me irritated. Jerks.

Other than that, it was pretty peaceful.

So peaceful I don't know what else to say.

I'm going to bed then. Good night.


If I could remember my dream a little better I would try to tell the story of it. But all I remember is that my friend Stacy needed to get to Chicago for a doctor's appointment and we were going to take a plane so that we could get to it on time. But while were at the airport trying to get to our plane, we discovered we didn't have enough money, no tickets and we were already late for the appointment by a few hours. So then we got seriously angry with Stacy, but we still needed to get to the doctor's and we therefore had to find a way out of the airport to my car. We made it to my car, but sometime during the drive we merged into another dream involving escaping this factory or something...and I think we were candy people. Like there was a koolaid lake. Chocolate boats. Sour patch kids. Skittlemen. Lollipop people....It was so confusing. I remember making an elaborate escape plan, went through an obstacle (like you would in a video game) but had to go back for Stacy but she then broke or got her leg all twisted up or something and it caused some issues.

So yeah, weird dream.

I spent my day being pretty lazy. I finished INFINITE's Sesame Player and loved it. I'm now going to start their Ranking King (again) but before that, I'm like 10 episodes behind on VIXX TV so I will get caught up first.

22 days left until the move. :LKdjfakdjf;kajd;flkajd;alkjf;kj I'm so nervous and scared!

Sunggyu 40

He really is too beautiful <3


It really sucks when the weather is very nice but you are confined to sit due to ankle problems. I know my ankles are protesting to the walking around I did the last two days, but I wasn't expecting this much pain. My right ankle is so swollen, or rather, was. It's gotten much better now that I've been resting it. Here's hoping the swelling is fully down tomorrow and the weather is good because I intend to take a walk.

I otherwise enjoyed a nice peaceful day of reading and annoying my cat.

I also spend some time watching INFINITE's Sesame Player. They ARE my favorite Kpop group, and Sunggyu IS my Ultimate Bias. Lol, I love them so much. I question why I love them so much everyday. Dorks.


Just look at my Sunggyu sleeping away there <3

It's nice that I had off today. Very nice. I'm relaxed and comfortable. Only 23 more days before I can move.

Now to enjoy the rest of Sesame Player and some sleep. Goodnight.


After 10 blissful days of being away from work, I ended up having a horrible weekend and remembered WHY I took vacation in the first place. I honestly can't stand my job and I don't know why I am too lazy to go and find another one. Constant stress and every day I get angrier and angrier with the way my store manager handles the place.

But I made the most of today. I didn't really get much done. All I really did was clean my returns up front out and cleared off my hardware desk. It was a mess and clearly no one thought it was wise to keep the desk clean during my absence. Otherwise I was running back and forth between my desk and the sporting goods desk, either mixing paint or issuing fishing licenses.

My desk clean-up mostly consisted of taking care of things that were on my desk long before I went on vacation. Like this can of paint thinner that had a broken spout. My manager had placed it on the desk and told me she forgot to take care of it when I inquired about it. But then due to time constraints or me constantly being called up front, I was unable to take care of it myself. And then I went on vacation. I was gone for 10 days. I came back...the can was still there.

There were boxed behind my desk. I was going through them. They've been there for a while, even before I left. Vast majority of them were actually for other departments. Again signs of neglect and lack of respect around my work area. People too lazy to just take it to the proper area to be worked or to the service desk to be placed in it's proper bin. There was a lot of things. Broke lightbulbs. I've asked time and time again that those not be left on top of the desk. Because what if a kid runs by and cuts themselves? I've always been under the belief that if something should be claimeds, we should take care of it right away. But no, my third shift crew refuses to take care of their mess and leaves it on my desk for me. Personally I'm getting sick of cleaning up everyone's mess. I have my own work that needs to get done and I'm already having troubles getting it done because I'm trained in so many areas that I'm always being pulled away. I don't want to take care of their stuff as well.

My ZMS over hardware is the one that's constantly complaining about the mess on the desk, but do you think he'd take the time to clean it? To pick up after himself? To NOT throw things behind it or on top of it? No. And then he gets mad that it looks like crap. Well dude...

I don't mind cleaning. Don't get me wrong. I have fun cleaning things up. I've always enjoyed the way things look as it starts off as a mess, gets organized and then suddenly it's clean. It feels good to me. So I don't mind doing it. It's just frustrating that no one else is willing to help.

Well enough of my work rant. Let's start on home life shall we?

Today after work I decided to pick up these orange flowers that I really wanted. And I wanted some of the cadbury caramel eggs...sadly all we had was creme and chocolate..neither one I care much for. So as I was looking at more Easter candy, I spotted some Mother's Day goods. Saw a bear. Decided to get it for my mom, and then I noticed the socks...picked her up a pair of each color....and next thing you know, I'm buying a bag, some yellow flowers and candy for her as well. I'm not usually so giving towards my mother, but for some reason today I really wanted to buy her something. So that's what I did.

Of course when I got home, she proceeded to take my temperature cause she couldn't believe I would just buy her things XD;; But at least she liked them all.

Didn't do much else. Read a few chapters of Untamed. I really hate Zoey. But Aphrodite makes the books worth it so I force myself to keep reading them. Ate some chicken noodle casserole. It was soooo yummy. Did the dishes, and Facebook.

My ankles today aren't nearly as bad as yesterday. I was able to walk a little better tonight, but this morning was awful. I could hardly put any pressure on them. I'm not even sure how I feel about trying now. They hurt so much. I really need to lose weight, but it's hard when you can't hardly walk :[

Tried to watch a Japanese movie called Girl. Couldn't get into it. I had no idea what was going on or anything so after 30 minutes of trying, I gave up. Now I'm watching another movie that I labeled as DK in my folder. I downloaded it a long time ago....it had Kenichi Matsuyama, Morikita Maki and Tegoshi Yuya in it. I'm sure the whole reason I downloaded it was because of Tegoshi. I like him so much. So far it's good, but I'm irritated with it.

Akdong Musician finally gets to debut and I watched/listened to their new single 200%. I really really really like it. I like it a lot.

EXO teasers for $uho, Chen and Baekhyun. Also Stardium pictures. D.O's is sooooo cute. It says "Cheer up" but he's frowning. *snickers*

I'm seriously warm right now. I'm going to turn on the fan and go back to the movie. Good night.

Need to Vent about Work (part 1)

I've labeled this as part one because I'm sure there will be more vents.

I really have no one I can talk to, that won't take every word I said, and send it right back to my management team, so I've come here. My solitary place. My place where I really don't know anyone outside of the internet. Well...except for one, but she hasn't been on in years.

Anywho's, to start.

Sick and tired doesn't even begin to express how I feel about my job.

I'm soooo tired of it.

All of it.

I work on the floor, in Hardware, Housewares, Domestics, Furniture, and Fabrics and Crafts. Those are where I'm supposed to be. I help everywhere else. I was a cashier/service desk associate previously, so I help up at the front end a lot...A LOT, a lot. I am seriously up front everyday helping them out because my manager, my Store Manager, believes we don't need people. Her bonus money is so important to her that she refuses to hire people properly. So I have to go up there and help just because she won't hire cashiers.

There's no one on the floor half the time either. When they page people, they seriously take ALL the people on the floor, the two of us that there is, and leave my floor bare. And then, knowing we're up front, my management team STILL REFUSES TO HELP. Like, I'll hear them page a phone call for my department about 10 times because they aren't answering, and I'm on a register.

There's no reason that I have to continue to put my work and my customers on hold.

And ugh, there was so much I wanted to say and it's all gone right now. ;~;


Oh well. I guess there's tomorrow. When I'm more calm and less angry.



So the whole point of blogging is to actually, you know....share thoughts and such.

And yet, I really don't do that. I just spend my time hanging around Facebook.

I Facebook a lot.

Like, a lot a lot.

Almost too much.

Ah, I found this today on Twitter:

RyeoEunHen 00

So cute! :D

And then the other day I found this gem:

Ryo 02

Ryo's glorious butt.

What a happy person I am XD

Still waiting for my copy of Jukebox to arrive.

Alright, and that's the ramblings for today.

Bye. XD

New Kitten :D

We got a new kitten and this makes me happy :D

Here's a pic of the cute little guy, his name is Jasper X3


Ain't he cute? XD


When you're a part of too many fandoms it's next to impossible to keep up to date with all of them XD

I feel bad because I'm neglecting my Jpop world, but the Kpop world has me sucked right now. *sighs*

As long as I still support my Kanjani8, it's all good ^^