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2014.10.23 A Memorable Dream feat. Choua

I had this dream a while ago, as you can tell from the date, but I'm finally putting it up here. I promised Choua that I would post it for her to read about, so here I go.

WARNING: I wrote it down immediately after I woke up and as I'm trying to read it I realize how choppy and all over the place it is. So I tried to clean it up some but it may still be all over XD;;

Now to start, this dream takes place in a place I've dreamed of before. I've been to this place a few times, but everytime I recognize it. It's this cute little house with muliple obstacles inside. Like a video game sort of. There's the back entrance which is where you usually enter from. And the left door, front entrance, and right door all lead to different places (ie. think of it like being in Tokyo, taking the left door and finding yourself in the Grand Canyon. Like that) The front entrance leads out to this wooded area with a few ponds and bridges. As you move forward you go over a few bridges until you get to the big lake surrounded by what you would usually see around a pond: trees, cattails, lily pads, frogs, the like. Back to the house, There's a little door to the left of the back entrance that leads out to this patio, treehouse, obstacle thing. You have to climb and jump and stuff to end up at the actual patio where you can overlook this ocean like landscape. And right door kind of reminds me of an old southern house with the random porch and the screen door that's covered with a curtain. This usually leads to a really long bridge with this huge machine looking thing off to the right, and a beautiful night sky/lake on the left. But as you continue along with bridge you wind up in a canyon and somehow in India (ancient times landscape). Now back inside the house, it's huge, and there are obstacles EVERYWHERE. Lots of stairs, landings, deadands, walkways, ladders...you get the idea.

So that's the jist of the house I'm at. Now, I'm not exactly sure how I ended up back at the house. The part of the dream leading up to this is completely forgotten XD;; I think I was on my way there from school or something? But I was walking there, either to stop by or it's my place of residence I'm not exactly sure. I was being followed though. So once I got inside, I went through the right door and started being all acrobatic to get my way to the platform thing. I jumped, climbed, walked some pathway, and found my way there. When I looked back, I saw the guy was still following me. I *think* I may have been flirting with him, because we were both grinning at each other. And then out of nowhere there's Choua. Next thing you know, Choua and this guy are chatting, so I make a big show of making my way back into the house. From there I head to the left door. The door had some things in the way so I had to remove them. I pulled this bar out of my way and then pushed the curtains aside so that I could reach through the window and unlock the door from the otherside. During this whole process, Justin (a friend of mine) is telling me about how recording a playthrough for his friend and Choua is there again (excluding the guy). For some reason I'm trying to convince Choua to come with me by telling her how pretty the place we're going is going to be. But after I managed to convince her and go through the door, a guard of some sort passes by and Choua gets super scared. She tells me that the guards are there to take her away. So I grab her hand and we make it outside.

What I usually expect to see through this door is not there this time. This time we start walking straight and end up with a crowd of people walking behind some really tall builidings. I was trying to get Choua too look up at the tops but got distracted by a hill leading towards the back of the whiite house. The hill was covered with dog poop and mud. That's when I discovered I was barefoot. After climbing up the hill through this obstacle of poo and mud, I noticed some water rushing up the hill and that's when I realized we weren't going the right way. So Choua and I head back back to the right back. A little ways later, we find ourselves in a Japanese village. Cutting through some buildings I found myself holding a ritual pillar that apparently meant "ready for battle." Suddenly the Jpaanese people were trying to cage me in the entry way but I somehow managed to get them to understand that I don't know how I got to holding it. That's when a random Amanda appeared. So now it's Choua, Amanda and I.

So on the next leg of our journey, I have a backpack (again, not sure how this came about). It has school stuff in it and in a seperate bag I had shoes and a jacket in. But at other points I didn't have either, so I'm not really sure what I did with them.... But anywho's. The three of us start heading out, and we notice a big cop in the cage with a man yelling at him for trying to fight. Once we get through the entry way, we are now on a train/circus. We had to walk/crawl through these areas until we got to this window were we needed a ticket in order to get through. Choua and I had a ticket, but Amanda didn't, so we had to leave her behind. She ends up arguing with the guy at the window as Choua and I head on our way. Now we made it to the valley/mountain range on a path that would eventually lead to a dock/pier. But we never managed to get there because while we were in the process of getting there, some random old lady appears and tells us that there is a flood/tidal wave coming and we may have been too late to get away. I pretty much grab Choua and tell her we have to go back, and we start running. Running faster than I have ever run. At some point we end up losing the bags we suddenly had on us, and bypassing every single one of our obstacles by going AROUND them. When we are a safe 2,000 meters away (don't ask how I know that...and it's long in my dream world okay), Choua and I stop to catch our breaths. The scenery at this point is back to normal and we find ourselves in a wooded area with houses and backyards and things. And that's when I notice I don't have my bag. It's while I was telling her about it that I suddenly woke up.

And that... is my dream. It was crazy.